‘Britain’s dullest man’ creates calendar for 2023 celebrating the nation’s car parks


‘Britain’s dullest man’ has created his own brand new calendar for 2023, celebrating the nation’s car parks.

Kevin Beresford branded himself the dullest man Britain has to offer.

The 70-year-old spent months travelling the length and width of the country reviewing the car parks on offer from Land’s End to John o’ Groats.

The president of the Car Park Association Society then compiled his 12 favourite ones into a calendar entirely devoted to Britain’s best car parks.

The calendar was only compiled after a 603 mile journey across the nation to discover prime parking spots.

Kevin admitted he could be ‘Britain’s dullest man’ but does think he’s found what may be the best car park – in Birmingham.

The Trinity Street car park in Digbeth, in the city, boasts a cocktail bar along one side and has walls made from crushed cars as it is adorned with street art.

Another of his top picks is the striking art deco Brewer Street car park in London’s Soho, which costs a whopping £47.80 to park for four hours.

Elsewhere, Britain’s most haunted car park in Culloden, Scotland, where hundreds of people were killed in 1746 during the last major battle on British soil, is also featured.

The unique Rupert Street car park in Bristol is pictured in February where motorists are forced to park on a steep incline.

Others featured include Edinburgh Airport which showcases ‘helter skelter’ ramps and possibly the nation’s cheapest car park in Milton Keynes, which costs just 15p an hour.

Duncansby Head, in The Highlands, is the most northeasterly point on the British mainland, and is said to be the car park offering the best views.

When judging what makes a good car park, Kevin takes into consideration factors including lighting, price and aesthetics of the spaces.

Kevin said: “I think first and foremost if I had to design a car park myself it would have to be brightly lit.

“That is so important and something that is often overlooked. A dark car park is scary, especially at night.

“Also a lot of the car parks were designed years ago for small cars. Now you have big 4x4s, so a lot of the small parking spaces are not adequate really anymore.

“It’s also got to be reasonably priced to entice people into an area

“But for me as well, it’s the aesthetic of the car park and that is what drew me to the Trinity Street one in Birmingham, which is just amazing.

“What other parking area has an entrance made up of crushed car engines – it’s incredible.

“As you enter there is street art everywhere including a giant Spider-Man and it’s all very artistic.

“And on your right when you go in to park your car, there is a cocktail bar. If it rains, you can sit under a wigwam – this car park has everything.

“This parking is also very cheap and it’s close to the city centre too. It is quite unique and out of the ordinary.”

Kevin, from Redditch, Worcestershire, came up with his latest idea after flogging previous mundane calendars featuring roundabouts, benches and postboxes.

He says he prides himself on showcasing the parts of British society that more conventional calendars never do in order to stand out from the crowd.

He added: “I focus on slices of English life that nobody else does. I suppose like artists such as Andy Warhol and Van Gogh I focus on the mundane.

“I don’t create your normal conventional calendars; I make the ones nobody else is selling. I think that is another reason people buy my calendars because they are unique.

“I’ve been called the dullest man in Britain but I am proud about this title. It’s sexy being dull.”