Overlooked dog spends months in kennels because nobody will give her a chance


She has spent almost six months in kennels waiting for somebody to notice her – but hasn’t been able to win anybody over in all that time. Four-year-old Rain keeps being overlooked at Battersea’s Old Windsor centre and has now been in their care for more than 180 days, which is almost five times as long as the average Battersea dog at 35 days.

Staff at Battersea have now issued a desperate plea to help the Rottweiler find owners who can give her the love and care that she deserves. Rain has been described as an affectionate and loyal soul, “who has endless love to give”.

A Battersea spokesperson said: “Rain loves to spend her days having a fuss with her favourite people, cuddling in as close as possible and making friends with everyone she meets.”

She has a particular fondness for toys, especially bouncy balls and footballs that she can chase around the garden.

Rain always looks forward to her daily walks and especially enjoys long walks around the woods where she can discover new smells and jump around in big piles of leaves.

Karen Slavid, team leader at Battersea, added: “Rain is a big softie who loves nothing more than having cuddles with her friends.

“Like most Rottweilers, Rain can be a little wary of strangers at first, but once she is your friend, she won’t let you forget it and could spend hours trying to sit on your lap and snuggling in for a fuss.

“Rain is sure to make a loyal and loving addition to the right home.”

She is looking for a home in a quiet, countryside location with confident owners who are experienced with her breed.

She will also need access to a private garden and a secure fence to allow her to run off-lead.

If you think Rain could be your perfect canine companion.